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Lithuania ant the Holy See

Created: 2014.08.20
On 10 November 1922, Pope Pius XI recognized Lithuania de jure.
In 1940, Lithuanian diplomatic representation in the Holy See was not closed as the Holy See did not recognize the annexation of Lithuania.
On 30 September 1991, diplomatic relations were re-established.
From 1992 to 2004, Kazys Lozoraitis served as the first Ambassador of Lithuania to the Holy See after the re-establishment of independence.
From 1992 to 1997, Justo Mullor Garcia served as the first Apostolic Nuncio to Lithuania.

The relations between Lithuania and the Holy See began in the thirteenth century when by mandate of Pope Innocent IV the first Lithuanian King Mindaugas was crowned in 1253. The diplomatic relations (in the modern sense of the term) were established only at the end of the First World War after the reconstitution of the independent Lithuanian state. The Holy See not recognized the annexation of Lithuania to the Soviet Union in 1940 and the Legation of Lithuania to the Holy See remained operational throughout the period of post WWII soviet occupation. After regained national independence, the Republic of Lithuania in 1992 appointed Kazys Lozoraitis as the first ambassador to the Holy See. Pope John Paul II has made his historic visit to Lithuania in 1993. Three agreements between the Holy See and the Republic of Lithuania regulating bilateral relations and the status of the Catholic Church in Lithuania were signed in 2000.

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